Kathryn Yateman May  28th, 2018


The weather is warming up! Guess what that means🤔 … your thinking bathing suits right?
Besides that….
Good news..spiders do not like peppermint essential oil! It wont kill them but it will help keep them away. Watch what happens when you spray a spider in a web
Boy can they move fast!!
Great for spraying around windows door jams and for us horse/ farm animal people your barn! Especially where there food is kept!
Its non toxic and actually pretty tasty for your horse/or animal if it gets on the hay, grain, even dog food🤗
Remember, when its hot we add peppermint essential oil to there water anyway. So some peppermint hay is actually a treat
Horses and animals love it!
Spiders hate it!

Just keep a bottle of peppermint water handy!

I don’t have any exact measurements but I would use at  least 20 drops of  Young Living Peppermint essential oil  and water to a 28 oz. spray bottle

**** Remember, I can not vouch for all Peppermint essential oil because not all of it is pure or distilled properly! You do not want to get peppermint essential oil that has synthetics  which are chemicals. Alot of labels say 100% pure but may only contain 1 drop of essential oil and who knows where that plant was actually grown… Maybe next to a chemical plant? Essential oils are a big business  and the FDA will allow a label saying 100% pure even if thats 1 drop of re used plant matter or 1 drop of good essential oil that is diluted with synthetics!

No Thank You !  I’ll stick with Young Living!https://oily.life/katscorneressentiallysimple