By Kathryn Yateman




  This is one of the most important blends in my house!! Why?  Well its saved me many times of what could have turned out to be an embarrassing bathroom rush when we have been out to eat.  I have had many times something didn’t agree with me and have felt pretty nauseous.  One drop on my tongue usually does it. but I have put a couple of drops in alittle water and downed it.  Its not the best tasting stuff but I really don’t care. It works immediately. when I was having a severe issue I mix it with a carrier oil and apply to my entire abdomen,,I have had very quick relief!  Heartburn….gone in a minute!

But did you know its an emergency blend for horses?  Yep I know many people who have used DiGize at the first sign of colic. It has helped so many horses from having there symptoms get worse to pretty much eliviate  the symptoms. (Note: never play vet).  Use this oil while your waiting for the vet not instead of! ) We all know that colic can turn bad and could lead up to intestines twisting and or extreme trashing with broken legs.  Large animal vets can take hours. Many colicing cases have turned out to be fatal.  And quickly! It can be placed inside there lower lip rubbed on there stomach area (Yes you need a lot of carrier oil!) and inserted rectically. I actually used this on my horse who was down with an impaction.  While I was waiting for the vet i started rubbing it on her side and belly that I could get to. by the time the vet got there i was getting a few gut noises.  he said after inspection that one side was not as tight as the other.  It was the area that I had been working on. (No he was not a holistic vet but an after hours emergency vet so I didn’t even try to explain) . She was still really tight the next day and i did it again and got all areas.  Within maybe 10 minutes I was hearing good gut noises People you all know how HUGE THIS IS!  .

digize for the horse

  And now my dog stories…I have a little dog who loves to eat trash.  One day(o.k. a lot of days), he got into the trash and ate a ton of pepperoni’s, lemon rinds, garlic, and pancake syrup topped off with coffee grounds.  When I got home the evidence was all over the floor rugs and floor.  Im not talking from the mouth either.  It smelt so bad.  So I grabbed the Digize added one drop to coconut oil and rubbed it all over his belly.  Did it one more time before bed.  Next morning there was only a little accident (dribble) by the back door.  He bolted fast out the door.  Did it one more time …And he was totally fine!  I used only one drop to coconut oil because hes little.  (Start with one drop you can always add another if needed) .So 3 drops total for him.

Now we also have a very big dog…A doberman and there issues are much larger and stink so much worse.  She didn’t get into the trash.  Don’t know what happened with her. But she had a huge accident that morning and you could tell she wasn’t feeling good.  The dogs stay in the house during the day and I had to go to work.  So I rubbed to drops of DiGize mixed with coconut oil all over her belly area and off to work I went..and prayed.  My daughter got home in the afternoon and said “Mom I don’t know what that stuff was but it worked” No accidents.. My daughter said that when she did go” potty”outside it was still a llitle runny-ish.   I did it again early evening and gave her a piece of bread and she  had no more issues and no sign of feeling sick.  

One bottle of Young Livings DiGize does all of this.   Now Im not a doctor or vet. And Im not saying that instead of seeking treatment for long term issues to use this instead. but  for trash eaters and upset stomachs and maybe snuck cat food eaters…Yes. And equine absolutely an emergency must have to have on hand till the vet can get there.. These are the only animals I have had experience with.  And one drop on my tongue that can give that quick of relief…Priceless..Look at how much money I saved by having this one bottle on hand. My daughter also keeps a bottle in her purse and has given it to her friends many times after fast food or whatever, they all felt better immediately!

I also like to rub a drop in my hands and take deep breaths.  Not for stomach issues but it just clears my mind! Digize is a must for travel! And, after travel.  DiGize has fennel in it which is a documented anti-parasitic .  There is also a childerns formula called TummyGize!  It has tangerine oil in it and is not as strong.  But, in a pinch we have substituted it for mild issues and just had to use it on my little trash eating dog!  So far, So Good for him!  We will see in the morning.