Kathryn Yateman

May 26, 2020


Well it happened! My horse Lucy got the worse summer sore!  As I have learned over the past few years, I now know just how bad petroleum products are!  Especially petroleum distillates!  Which is what a popular horse product is.  Along with permithin in it.  Now this product is pretty vital to keeping flies out of open wounds since they will hone in on any open wound at all.

I started my quest to make my own SWAT type balm and finally came up with a great alternitive using Young Living’s seedlings diaper cream.  It’s actually has more staying power because of it’s waterproofing.  I added some lavender and geranium to the mix (flies hate these two and her sore is on and in her mouth) and it seems to be working.

This will be a all summer battle!  I clean her sore daily with Young Living’s infect away followed by mendwell then her DIY SWAT  with a under layer of Animal Scents ointment depending on the heat of the day.  All of these  products except the  diaper cream is part of the Young Living Animal Scents line. 

Before we get started with my series of video’s here is alittle info. regarding summer sores:


This is what Lucy’s sore looked like and this is her home made fly mask!  This mask we took a old cinch and cut the strands  and sewed it on.  From now on I will be making a few mask with mop cotton fibers…easier to cut!

Now this happened just that fast!  If there’s any type of any slight cut/moist area  the flies will find it!

Well, I think this is a winner!  Young Living’s Seedlings Diaper cream is made to protect, heal and create a moisture barrier!  I just add a drop of Lavender and a Drop of Geranium  to a blob of the cream then apply to her mouth area.  Since it is so fleshy and yucky I do not want to to use any of the other oils recommended for fly control. They won’t hurt her and certainly better that chemical crap, I just don’t think they will taste that great.  But I will tell you, I do add my full fly mix on the fringe and band of her mask.  I actually soak the fringe pretty good with  Young Living’s insect repellent!  This stuff is awesome !

I feel we have options in our lives and our families lives!  All of them do not require heavy chemicals or toxic ingredients.  Sometimes we just have to think alittle harder!