Thieves-Laundry-Soap2 Kathryn Yateman

Oct.15, 2016

Well if so saw my other testimonial regarding this amazing laundry soap, you should know how impressed and sold I am!  This time I REALLY TESTED IT! 

This was the ultimate test…Big stinky horse blankets!  All of these blankets are waterproof so again have to be careful of what is used because it can remove the waterproofing. And I cannot have any laundry soap that is going to leave a residue to itch there skin. (one horse)  But this is the first time they are actually REALLY CLEAN AND SOFT! And no smell at all!  Even the metal fixtures ! Before they really never got clean or smell free ( I do them in my own wash machine and not a service to clean them..which can be costly) I am blown away and without any phosphates or toxic chemicals!

Heres the scoop….

These blankets range from size 74 to 82!!  The 74 blanket (teal and black ) is only a year old.  The largest 82 all blue is about 5 years old. The purple one is about 3 years old.  All of them have been worn daily in the winter, embedded with manure and horse urine from them laying in there manure  and damp wet manure.I did not get them washed last year because the weather changed pretty much overnight!  So they really only got hosed off in the driveway and hung to dry (always hang to dry , no dryer is allowed) So were really talking 2 seasons of yuk!!

I washed them in cold, extra large capacity regular washing machine (well its a older kenmore heavy duty …Love it!)For the 2 larger ones I used a whole capful of Thieves Laundry Soap.  For the smaller I used 3/4 of a capful and definitely did a second rinse on these badboys!

The largest one (big blue) still has some flecks of mud on it …but, come on… its huge and was shoved in a regular wash machine….I can live with that!




Well my pictures are a slight mess… Ive tried several times to get them in order  but its only letting me set up this way!(and Im techno challenged)  And I did not get before pictures of the purple and big blue! But its pretty obvious that they look brand new now! And no smell!  Even the straps came clean! So if you dont think a plant- based, super concentrated, non Phosphate, free from dyes, and formaldehyde laundry soap is going to get your clothes clean….Think again! I personally cannot use and do not want to use regular laundry soap..I have developed some type of skin reaction.  Thieves laundry soap is supper safe for newborns to… well animals! The money I saved from washing these at home and preserving the waterproofing probably got me a year supply of Thieves  laundry soap.








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