June 2, 2019
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O.k. Im just going to come out and say it! No matter how important and vital minerals are for my health
and no matter how many times Mineral Essence pops up on my Itovi scan….
The stuff is disgusting🤢🤢🤢
It taste horrible and sits funny in my stomach. I will give it a try for a few days then just stop. I have drank some pretty nasty stuff in the pursut of health but the way it hit my stomach I just could’nt.
Maybe its the oil or maybe its the Royal Jelly . Or maybe it’s just the EXPLOSION of it all hitting me becuase my system needs it so bad!😝 Well today I found a new way and it actually was kind of tasty! Seriously!
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Grapefruit juice is my ticket! It really blended well with the grapefruit juice because of its tartness??? I don’t know why, but its pretty good really! I was able to do 2 dropperfuls and I think I will have no problem doing the recommended 3 tomorrow. Now of course Im talking about a regular size amount of grapefruit juice . I have tried it in my NingXia Red smoothie before, but honestly I could still taste it and I doubt I finished my smoothie so that was a waste!
I can handle about 1 dropperful in my NingXia Red shot but that’s about it!
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All I know is that I am really really excited to find a way to get this stuff down and in my body and actually did not hit my stomach weird 🙏
I might try a tart cherry juice…but I love Grapefruit juice so most likely this is my go to. now
When starting Mineral Essence or dropper type supplements start slow and build up to the recommend amount.
For more info. on Mineral essence you can check out this PDF and watch this quick video from Lindsey Elemore