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Is there cyanide in your multi-vitamin ???

Is there cyanide in your multi-vitamin ???

What makes Master Formula different than other multiple vitamins? One of the most common objections people have to buying Young Living products is that they don’t think they need them. “I already get a multiple vitamin at the store, why do I need Master Formula?” This video summarizes the major talking points about what sets Master Formula apart from the multiple vitamins that you can get at the store. No more crappy Vitamin D. No more cyanide. No more synthetic folic acid. Come and learn all about it from Lindsey Elemore!  

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Young Living Master Formula is a complete food-based multivitamin. Packed full of essential vitamins and minerals, this supplement offers complete nutriment for your body. Unlike other vitamins, this synergistic complex helps the body sustain itself and build new structures to optimize good health.


  • In addition to essential vitamins, it contains a blend of trace minerals to support your body.
  • Master Formula has a powerful B blend of vitamins.
  • Pre-packaged sachets are super convenient to take your vitamins on the go.
  • It even includes antioxidants to neutralize free radicals in the body.


  1. How and when to take this supplement.
  2. We’ll examine the contents of each capsule or caplet.
  3. Why we need this whole-body supplement, as well as who should or shouldn’t take it.

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