By Kathryn Yateman

 Cooking with essential oils…Yum!

 Friday, 20 November 2015


Did you know that essential oils can be used in the kitchen? Here are some delicious tips for your daily meals!  Is it really safe to cook with essential oils? YES!  Did you know you already eat essential oils all the time?  That’s right !  They are  naturally occurring in small amounts in your fresh herbs and spices!Many major food processors in America use essential oils (natural or synthetic ones ) to flavor their food and obtain consistent and predictable flavor results.  So If your reading my blogs..wouldn’t you rather have pure essential oils to flavor with? When using pure essential oils to cook with, it only takes a few drops to flavor your food. They are so much more potent than using fresh herbs!  You can always add more but seriously Don’t under estimate the potency!! Enjoy the powerful flavors these oils can add to you recipes!!




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