September 20, 2019

Kathryn Yateman

Have any of you ever smudged your home or surrounding areas? You have all heard of Saging the house or space right? Well that’s smudging! Smudging has very ancient roots that go back of course to Native Americans but also to Egyptians and Celtics! Smudging is not only used to get rid of bad spirits but also to revitalize your energy in your home, clearing away negativity and pain. And, purifying the air and allowing for a fresh start!

Did you know that burning Frankincense resin is a form of smudging?

Did you know that essential oils create a liquid smudging without the mess? Either by creating a spray bottle to smudge clothes or things. or you can diffuse to clear the air in your home!  Which is alot cleaner and easier than traditional smudging.

Today I used:

Juniper: It is believed to be as ancient as cedar. Juniper has strong properties of protection and blessings. Juniper was also traditionally used to invite more abundance and prosperity. Juniper helps calm and purify the energy, as well as bring strong protective qualities to any space.

Pine: Has a grounding and purifying effect. It deepens one’s breathing and cleanses one’s mind. Using pine in smudging was considered to help bring forgiveness to ANY situation!

Sage: Is used for purifying, cleansing, and healing. It can bring mental clarity and is considered calming. Sage also brings the energy of blessings and protection.

Rosemary: Rosemary has long been used to protect from negativity, so it has a powerful cleansing property. It is invigorating and energizing. Traditionally, rosemary was considered a strong protector of the space, as well as capable of promoting the energy of devotion between partners.

Thyme: Thyme is often used along with rosemary for purification and protection. Thyme is also used to bring more vitality, courage, and confidence, as well as to ease the energy of sadness!

So I wonder, when I happen to be cooking with a few of these vitality oils, and lets just say my dinner starts to smoke…..

I wonder if this would be considered Smudging my kitchen😂