Kathryn Yateman



Millions and millions of people took this drug. It is now on the very long list of items that now cause cancer.

From Sarah Harnish. “Most digestive orders can be corrected or controlled with diet alone- even quite serious ones (I have Celiac and IBS and have had digestive issues for 30 years.) I opted to cut sugar, gluten and dairy instead of going the route of lifelong drugs. And I am healthier now at 41 than I was at 20- when I was drinking 3 64-ounce Mountain Dews daily.”

How you feel is directly linked with what you eat and what you slather on your skin, breathe, and use for personal care products and to clean your home. It is staggering to me how much of this can be prevented- if only we said no. The American Cancer Society- a very relutable source- says only 5 to 10 percent of cancer cases are linked to our genes. 5 to 10 percent! We HAVE to do better.

This was just posted today. YOU can make a difference by saying no.   Look for my follow up article  What you need to know to stop that heartburn/acid reflux naturally!