Yes! Essential Oils for your Pets!

Yes! Essential Oils for your Pets!

This topic is a pretty important one to me since I have so many pets.  Dogs, Cats, Horses and chickens!  For some of us it never occurred to give our friends essential oils.. Even supplements. Im going to give you a few examples of a few different essential oils and supplements

Im going to keep this one short. This is to just get you thinking about all the natural and healthy alternatives you can give your pet . This is also a part of my daily life and everyone of my animals daily life in one way or another.  

Deep Relief Roll-on  Sore muscles soothes sore joints and ligaments.  Helps calm stressed nerves, and reduces inflamation.  

Sulfurzyme.  It is a unique combination of MSM and Ningxia Wolfberry fruit and FOS frutooligosaccharides) which is well known for it prebiotic effects and also supports microflora in the large intestines while it promotes the absorption of calcium.  This combo together create a new concept in balancing the immune system and supporting almost every major function of the body!! MSM has the ability to equalize water pressure inside of the cells, which is a huge benefit for those that suffer from bursitis, and tendon  type issues.

Lavender essential oil I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used this for our horses cuts. In a anti itch wash. On horses ears to calm them. In a bird spray In a dog spray for itching

Di-Gize  This gem has saved me a ton of times for stomach issues.  Also can help with car sickness. I have used a couple of drops in coconut oil and rubbed on 2 sizes of dogs. and a larger amount on my horse.

Peace & Calming.   So many times…I have used it on paws for anxiety I have had it going in the diffuser for sepperation issues.  I have seen it used in a bird spray for feather picking. I keep it going in a diffuser for a crazy cat I have.  I have also rubbed it on my horses forlock area to calm her down.

Thieves Spray  Can be used for ticks and inflammation

Peppermint   Can help with vomiting and a heat issues.  They get over heated to.  dilute in water and rub over pets back and stomach or make them a cooling spray and rub into fur!

Panaway  Can help with pain.

O.k. so you get the idea of it.  Pretty much whats good for you is good for them.  Dilution is always recommend and super dilution is needed for cats , birds, rabbits. And certain oils should not be used on cats. But this is just a few to get you thinking. And no chemicals, no foreign things added into your products.  I actually make a really good anti itch shampoo with tea tree and stepped chamomile tea and of course lavender!

Young Living also makes a complete line of Animal products called Animal scents.  Seriously go check them out on my website! If you ever would like more information Please e-mail me at   

 Here is a chart of just a couple of uses for you to use on your  own furballs!!

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