Why Should You buy a Premium Starter Kit? Because!

Why Should You buy a Premium Starter Kit? Because!

So I thought I would take a few minutes and explain why we like people to stat out with the Premium Starter Kit.  Two reasons value and to experience 11 oils that you can use everyday. If you priced out the eleven oils , samples, sample bottles and the diffuser, your talking over $300.00 dollars. So your actually paying almost half of that.  The reason to purchase a whole kit instead of maybe buying an oil to try. You don’t get the experience of a diffuser and you don”t get the opportunity of trying different oils. You also pay retail for that one oil.  When you purchase a starter kit you then have a wholesale account which then entitles you to 24% off retail. You are not required to purchase every month.  Only $50.00 in a year. You can buy for yourself and your family or share with others.. Your choice !

Now you also can join a program we have called Essential Rewards you can you tube that information..but the jest of it is you can earn money back towards free products!

The kit was designed to give you oils you can really use everyday. Im not going to go into every oil here you can check out my website or contact me at kyateman@yahoo.com  But I do have to tell you about one speical blend, Digize!  This blend helps with stomach discomfort.  I keep it with

me and when I’m having issues I put a drop on my tongue.  Works immediately.  Well I have also used it on my small dog when he ate trash and had …issues (we all know what happens to dogs) I put 2 drops in coconut oil and rubbed it on his belly.. Had to do it again in the morning but he made it!  I also had to do the same for our Doberman  (Big issues) rubbed it in in the morning and when my daughter got home in the afternoon she was still good.  I keep it at the barn for our horses for colicing.  I then had either a food issue or something.  I rubbed it on me just like the dogs.  about 5 drops in coconut oil and rubbed across my abdomen.  I was fine.  Felt alot better right away (not perfect but functioning good).

I use the Lavender every day in skin care products in homemade lotions,  by the stove for hot grease accidents, scrapes. So many uses!

Lemon…Well I can’t begin to tell you all that I love about Lemon. I drink it in my water, I mix it with vinegar for cleaning, I use it to diffuse to make me fell happy and the air smells so good!

This kit really has oils  for you to use everyday in over 100 different ways!

We offer e-courses to help you with your starter oils.  We have free classes and free resources given from Young Living and  exclusive groups and online free classes.  Conventions other live classes.  So much help.  The worst thing that you can do is buy a kit and never open it. What good is that to anybody?  Thats something that I never want to happen.

I’m so Thankful that I bought this kit.  Even thought I had not clue what it was.  And I thought I hated the smell of lavender.and it gave me a headache.. That was before I got to experience 100% pure essential lavender oil . I seriously use it every day and pretty much diffuse it every night for sleep.  And that’s one of the reasons why they made up the everyday kit. So you can actually experience the oils either by diffusing, vita flex points,inhaling  or blending.   I use mine everyday in so many ways ! Animals and all!

Young Living has made this kit affordable so you can try out 11 of our most popular oils.  If you tried to purchase seperately it would be over $300.00 dollars!