This is a super quick blog. How to make your own facewash.  Its so simple and effective Using coconut oil and one essential oil!  

I started using coconut oil to actually wash my face.  It does not strip the natural oils from the surface.  It is the correct ph for your skin . And if your not stripping the top layer of oils, your oil glands below the surface are not working harder to produce more oils that you removed. This is what your actually telling your oil glands to do is make more oil because you just striped the natural layer of oils on your face.  I am in the 50 age bracket and my daughter is 21.  We both use it but with one essential oil different.  I use Lavender, she uses Melucaleuca Alternifolia  or Tea Tree.

Lavender is calming and healing antiseptic, anti fungal and anti inflammatory and a 1000 other uses.  Melaleuca Alternifolia or Tea Tree, is an antioxidant, antibacterial, and antifungal and antiviral and is known for its great cleansing properties.

Coconut oil is known for its anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. Because when it warms up it becomes of a more liquid y substance. This now easily goes into the pores for gentle cleaning. When either of these essential oils are added..Twice the benefits!

Here is what you do!

Mix a good quality organic extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil (she likes the edible type because it has tiny pieces of pulp in it that scrubs her skin)  add in your EO’s and stir.I keep mine in a smallish glass jar on my sink. But large enough to put a spoon in it. I use about 4 drops of my Essential Oil to about 4 0z. of coconut oil (not exact. I’m terrible at measuring.)

Wet your face with warm water and a wash rag kind of steaming your face first (not hot, warm ) get a spoonful of your mix and rub into your face .

Warm water and wash rag off.

Thats it ..Your skin will have no make-up residue, be super soft, pores will be very happy, and most important you will not strip the natural oils from surface. So good for your skin and so super cheap.  And yes it removes mascara!

Men this is for your too!! Your face gets dry and irritated too. Especially from razor burns.  Use this first before you shave!!

After using this for a few months I grabbed one of my old cleansers. Im talking not cheap and for mature skin.  I could not believe how dry and tight I felt ! and I then used a pad with witch Hazel on it and the dirt and make-up left was unbelievable !.  My daughter said the same thing and this is from the girl who tried Pro Active and everything else!

If you are young it may seem weird at first. But once you get your PH back to where it should be it will balance out. You may even have a breakout.  (all ages) It will balance out. ( I actually was an Aesthetician at one time..when people did’nt care) Please ! Please !Please! Never use rubbing alcohol  or hydrogen peroxide on your face thinking it will help remove blackheads or red irritated zits. It will make them worse. Again you are telling your oil glands to produce more oils. And the alcohol type on hydrogen peroxide  cleansers and toners really irritate your skin making it even more redder and irritated.

Bonus, the same oil you use to wash your face in (especially with the good organic pieces ) You can eat for a whole other list of body goodness! Best of all you can understand the ingredients in your products.  Do we really need Urea to clean our skin? Yuk!!