Essential Oils for Better Oral Care! Part 1


 Sunday, 27 December 2015

By Kathryn Yateman

Im sure by know most of you know how important oral care is to your total body health.  Or do You?  Did you know that the Surgeon General states that most people do not realize how important oral care is and that poor oral hygiene can be linked to serious chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer!  In 2001 at the annual session of the American College of Cardiology, researchers stunned by new research that showed gingivitis actually was linked to heart disease!  “There is sufficient evidence to conclude that oral lesions, especially advanced periodontopathies, place certain patients at risk for cardiovascular disease and stroke”, stated Louis F. Rose.  DDS, MD of the University of Pennsylvania.  

The same oral pathogen that causes gum disease also contributes to the inflammation along arteries and arterial damage that leads to hear and vascular disease…And, dental plaque was associated with increased cancer mortality!  I really never grasped how important this was.  But in the two previous post I showed you some news footage and articles showing scary cancer causing ingredients in some toothpaste  So what the heck do we do?  Powerful essential oils!  

Two main powerhouse that are in our oral care products are Thymol (Thyme) and Eugenol (from clove oil) These two combined with our other essential oils is one big powerhouse of help.  Essential Oils are ideal for use in oral care products because they are both antiseptic and nontoxic (did you see that?)a rare combination.  From Jean Valnet, MD. “Essential Oils are especially valuable as antiseptics because of their aggression toward microbial germs” A comprehensive study in 2002 has shown that Thyme essential oil is one of the strongest natural antiseptics known..Researchers found that Thyme essential oil kills over 60 different strains of bacteria and 16 different strains of fungi.  

Over 100 studies have documented how essential oils kill the microbes that cause tooth decay and gingivitis  a study done by colleagues in a study published by the Journal of American Dental Association. Also stated “The efficacy of an essential-oil-containing

antiseptic mouth rinse has been demonstrated in numerous double-blind clinical studies.

I personally don’t want to use products in my mouth that say “Harmful if swallowed”, “Keep out of reach of children” Or contains alcohol and that you may need to seek emergency medical attention if swallowed.!  Seriously!  No.! And my favorite… some toothpaste that are used for whitening has tiny plastic particles in there to scrub your teeth and you swallow those!! Yuk  I have personally seen better whitening and better gums since I have started using the thieves line of oral care!  Please read my next article on a line of effective essential oil products for better oral care.