Kathryn Yateman Sept 23, 2019






Happy Monday!
And do I have something special for you !
I just got word that Young Living is giving everybody that joins with a Premium Starter Kit a FREE Charcoal Bar Soap🥰

Guys! Were not usually this excited over a bar of soap, but this soap is not ordinary!
Why do we love this soap?! 😍 Activated Charcoal acts as a magnet to draw out impurities, dirt, and bacteria to deep clean and leave pores clear and fresh! It’s excellent for deep cleansing without stripping the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Not only does it have charcoal but it is formulated with our very popular Orange Blossom Face Wash! Not to mention it last FOREVER!!!

Plus you still get my 🍁🍁Fall Gifts (go find the video)🍁🍁 and favorite resouce book, and all of our community start up and continual resources to get you on your way!
If you had a retail account with me and are ready to jump on board this offer is for you too!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is what you need to do:
Grab your membership with any Premium Starter Kits
Build your own with the basic kit ($45.00) and $100.00 additional products
Kits range from $150.00 to $280.00
If you had a retail account with me and are ready to jump on board
All Kits and prices can be seen right here : https://katscorneressentiallysimple.com/young-living-premi…/
from here you can go on to creating your membership



You just got your membership with me:  Are you ready to earn a few $50.00 Thank You checks and a Free bottle of Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood?

Lets call this step 2

Well here is part 2 of this!
heck yes! I know I do!

Step 1
O.k. so you just got your kit with membership plus your free Charcoal bar soap and my fun gifts.
Step 2
you can go after a bottle of Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood and lets not forget a $50.00 Thank You check per person that you turn around and help get started!
Yeah and you can get started doing this in about 20 minutes after your order has processed 🙌
Oh yeah, that quick!!!
Oh and don’t worry about doing this all on your own…
We got your back! Promise!

Ready? Here you Go💃💃💃💃

When you share with TWO with a minimum 100 PV order, you’ll get a 5 ml bottle of Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood!!!! 💃🏼😲
Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood 🌴🌊
is a PHENOMENAL oil! With this skin-loving oil that smooths the appearance of skin, you can create a complexion that glows! A few drops added to your moisturizer or misted over your face with Rose Water is absolutely delicious for your skin! When you apply Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood directly as part of your beauty routine, you’ll experience brighter, more youthful-appearing skin. LOVE 💕
ANNNDDDD remember we’re having our own sharing is caring giveaway…. (from my private community which you are now apart of🤗) You’ll get to be a part of that toooooooo 🙌


Use this link here to look through the kits and continue on to enrollment or, just use the second link to follow step by step to enroll!


message me for help and questions!

Happy Fall

I look forward to adding you to our amazing community!