SPRING IS HERE!!!  This room spray will not only freshen your air but it’s beautiful to look at! 


DIY Room Mist 🌿 Essential oils capture the powerful fragrances and benefits of botanicals and have the ability to completely change the atmosphere in your home! Try adding herbs and cut citrus fruit to a DIY room mist or your diluted Thieves Cleaner.These cute bottles make great gifts!

Mix and Match your favorite essential oils for a signature scent, or use some of our favorite combinations below:

10 drops Eucalyptus Radiata
5 drops Lavender
5 drops Spearmint

Fun and Fresh:
10 drops Lemongrass
7 drops Lime
2 drops Orange

Relax and Unwind:
12 drops Lavender
8 drops Peace and Calming

Home Sweet Home:
7 drops Rosemary
7 drops Grapefruit
7 drops Peppermint

DIY Room Mist Instructions:
1. Fill your bottle halfway with witch hazel. Witch hazel helps water and oil combine and will help the aroma fill your space longer.
2. Fill the rest of the bottle with water, it doesn’t matter how big your bottle is.
3. Add 25-30 drops of essential oil for a 16 oz spray. Use less or more oil as desired or if you are using a smaller spray bottle. We recommend using a glass or stainless bottle.
4. Shake bottle lightly to combine all the ingredients.
5. Insert a herbs, fruit, or dried flowers.
6. Spray!

Note fresh fruit will go bad in a few days, but dried herbs and botanicals will last for a really long time!  I personally love the look of the lemon in the bottle so I will just remove the old and add new!  Easy!

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