Saved from the Kill Pen

Saved from the Kill Pen

This is Mohawk. He was on his way to slaughter in Mexico the next morning when my daughter saw him on the website. Within 3 hours..he was ours. He is only alittle over a year here. We brought him from Texas to Nevada. This picture is our first meeting. Heres the kicker…He has one hip higher than the other and seemed pretty stiff In the back end. Our shoer and Chiropractor pretty much suspects he has a fractured pevis. After one call I found out that he was so terrifyed at the kill pen that when he was being processed he reared up and fell over backwards on concrete. I have no idea if that did anything or not. My heart just sank that day So sad!

In our care in Nevada!

In our care in Nevada!

The injury can go two ways it can heal and he will be able to be used for light work and trail riding (great) or it can travel to the front causing pain and walking issues which he would probably have to be put down. Time will tell and we will know in a couple of years how it will go.

O.k. So I started thinking. To give him a chance I need to catch this now while he’s growing and give those bones every chance I can give them. I know that I have personally had super great results with sulfurzyme from Young Living. Why not for him too?

Horse supplements can run big big bucks and you have know idea what the quality is of the ingredients thats in them or if there even there! I really can’t redo and start over so Im going with the purest and most effective supplements


I put him on Sulfurzyme,and BLM. Sulfurzyme and BLM are both recommend by Dr.Shelton DVM who wrote the Animal Desk Reference. And by Young Living as noted in there section in the Essential Oils Desk reference under equine. So I think Im on the right track!

BLM: (Bones,Ligaments, and Muscles) Blm supports normal bone and joint health. This formula combines powerful, natural ingredients such as type II collagen, MSM, glucosamine sulfate, and manganese citrate, enhanced with the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving essential oils of Idaho Balsam Fir, Windtergreen, and Clove.

These ingredients may support healthy cell function and encourage joint health and fluid movenent

This product is highly effective in helping to build bones,ligaments, muscles and relieving pain ! The exclusive collagen and hyaluronic acid blend strengthens and rebuilds damaged joints and cartilage as it may combat inflammation and bone pain.

Sulfurzyme: This description of sulfurzyme Im using is from Dr Sheltons book ADR. Its grouped together better for this article I think. Sulfurzyme is a source of MSM which is a natrual anti-inflammatory and vital nutrient for body function. Joined with the Ningxia Wolfberry, this product far surpasses any other MSM product on the market! Both capsules and powder form can be used for animals. Sulfurzyme is incredibly helpful in cases of arthritis and a host of other issues and just great for general cell structure and function.

Will this help him? I have no idea ! Time will tell. But Im going to give him the best chance and the best products I can. Which I can vouch for personally!!! And I fully trust Young Livings products.

As for Mohawk…We have only had him for just barely 3 months. Yes hes gained weight and he is not walking as stiff lately. My daughter hand walked him out in the sand and up and down some hills. He showed no signs of it bothering him (the next day he was little sore but that’s normal) and even gave a little happy buck coming up the last hill..

I will be tracking his progress thru this and will be videoing him also.

With Young Living, whats good for us is good for our pets!

Now and growing every day!

Now and growing every day!

 Update.This was  written a few months ago and I am adding it to my new web page…he has gotten stronger, taller, happier and more confident as the days go by.  I am more than proud .  He is going to be fine!! And nothing to do with Young Living….He is so dang smart and calm!! And he is just a baby!