Lime Essential Oil as a deodorant? Yes and it works!



 Thursday, 12 November 2015

So I read an article in Mind valley about a person like me who has tried to go non- toxic.  After I wrote that first blog on how toxic deodorant is …truthfully it scared me.  Alot!  I made a great dIY deodorant  using essential oils (also in a previous blog) and it worked really good. but this girl talked about using straight lime juice from a lime.  So I tried it…It worked!  But after 2 days the cut up lime started to mold , I even had it in a baggie. So Im pretty busy and do not have time to go to the kitchen and either cut a lime or take from fridge.  Organic real I mean real lime juice is hard to find and expensive.  So hence using my Young Living lime essential oil.

The Citric Acid in lime juice helps reduce sweat production and lowers the skin’s ph level, making it difficult for odor-causing bacteria to survive.  Everybody’s body chemistry is different but I can tell you I sweat! And I have a truly physical day all day. I have a cleaning business and then I finish up most days having to clean our horse stalls and barn chores.  

Here is my test.

The first 2 days I used a quarter of a lime and rubbed under my armpits.

Then I switched.

I added to a small glass container water some which hazel and about 4 or 6 drops of Young Living lime essential oil. I think its about 2 oz in all. (Im not a measureer)  gave it a stir and put it in the bathroom.

Mornings I take a cotton ball (you could use a facial cotton pad ) swirl it around the top wipe one armpit then I flip it over and do the other side.   That’s it!!

This is so awesome.  Not only does it last at least 12 hours (actually close to 24 hrs.) but no white marks no pulp no rolly things and less sweat.

O.k. In the name of EO science I really put it to the test.  I went 4 days without a shower (Its winter) applied daily and still did not stink.  

I shoveled a rain soaked mucky poopy stall the other day and it happened to be pretty warm.  I was sweating alot.  I worked on that stall for 2 hours.  And I still did not stink (well armpits anyway) 

People I sweat. Always have and this works better that any Degree or Secret and Its not full of harmful toxins that inter thru all of those pores and nicks and goes right to those major glands you have there!  Its Lime which Hazel and Water!  

And yes I did shave and did not have any burning or irritation(but if you do have sensitive skin you may feel a slight or mild burning sensation..)  

I really like my homemade deodorant with purification… but this is slightly better for me and its so easy and helps with my sweating, no wet marks ,and no toxins that could be possibly killing me.  Im so happy I saw her article and tried it. I still sweat that’s a natural thing.  Just not the same.  I really love I dont stink. It’s so amazing! No chemicals and so much cheaper!! 

Please go back and read my blog on deodorant.. Then contact me or go to my website and make this easy swirl. Or if you like a stick type try my other recipe from my part 2 blog. People its pretty scary. My grandma used to talk about the terrors of deodorant…Of course I thought she was just being old.  Im so sorry grandma I doubted you!