blueberry gummie chews1

So today on the news, there was a segement  on how researches have” now discovered how wild blueberries can help children”s brain function “!! So now they are making “Wild blueberry gummies”. Also stating that ” this is the most important thing to give to your child in the morning.”  (fox 5 news Las Vegas  Oct. 8th 2015) Hum…I wonder.

First of all, blueberries ARE loaded with antioxidants  and have been proven to help with all sorts of functions of the body including brain function.  But what do you think when they start breaking down the wild blueberries and making them into commerically processes gummies?  I think the value will go down to nothing!

Did you know that and adult size portion of 2 oz. a day of Ninxgia Red has the equalivancy of 2 cups of blueberries in one serving?

The ORAC scale (Oxygen Radical Absorbance capacity)is used to value foods unit of measurement for antioxidants . Blueberries come in at 25,000 on the ORAC scale and Ninxgia Red comes in at 30,000 on the ORAC scale! And this is for a 1 oz. service size of juice!!  That’s it.  One daily adult size portion of Ninxgia Red cost $1.07 a serving. And just look at the chart above.  

Yes Ninxgia Red does have blueberries in it. But it also has the powerful wolfberry  as its main ingredient! Young Living has know that organic or wild blueberries are important for brain function for quite some time.  This is not a new fact. But to possibly chemically breakdown the blueberry and make it into a gummy ???  Never.

There are recipes on how to make gummies out of Ninxgia Red..Even popsicles.  but you can control that not a company.  Oh and Ninxgia red taste really good as is! 

So as consumers, we tend to believe we are buying the right thing because we all know that blueberries are really good for us. And we all want our kids to be rocket scientist! So we tend to buy with blinders on and tell ourselves …Well they said…and it does have wild blueberries in it …so it has to be good for my child.  Well maybe not!  Please be a label reader and do your homework.  We tend to just fall into the trap of buying a product because it says “researchers have discovered” well yes wild blueberries or organic blue berries are awesome and loaded will all kinds of antioxidants. and yes researchers have proven it helps with brain function. but don’t buy it just because you saw that its good for you without knowing really what your getting. You may end up only getting a trace amount of the actual blueberry.