By Kathryn Yateman

People its time to give THANKS FOR WHAT YOU HAVE!   BEING JEALOUS OR ENVIOUS OF OTHER PEOPLE YOU THINK HAVE A BETTER LIFE THAN YOU OR HAVE MORE OF SOMETHING THAT YOU THINK YOU DESERVE CAN ACTUALLY BE MAKING YOU SICK!  By wearing Young Livings Gratitude in a diffuser necklace over your heart, or applying it over your liver for emotional release or even applying to your vita flex points can possibly help you in so many ways! Especially diffusing or applied during meditation! Read More!

gratitude blog post imageTalk about a positive perk:  By cultivating a spirit of gratitude, you actually end up with more to be thankful for.

  • When you make an effort to see the good in life, it feels good!  You’ll likely notice that you are happier-more content and less stressed.  You’ll also enjoy some nice health benefits.  Some studies show that practicing gratitude may help:
  • Lower blood pressure.
  • Boost immune response
  • Lower the risk for depression,anxiety, and substance abuse disorders.

4 ways to grow in gratitude

  1. SAVOR YOUR EVERYDAY LIFE.  Slow down and enjoy those things that bring you comfort and joy-but that you easily take for granted.
  2. WRITE IT DOWN. What makes you smile? Not it in a daily gratitude journal.  It can really make a difference in where your focus lies.  It’s hard to get stuck in the negative when you are busy counting-and writing about – your blessing.  Studies show that people who use a gratitude journal are more optimistic and have better overall health.  They tend to be more alert, determined, enthusiastic, and energetic.   Added perks  Seem to cope better with everyday life.  Bounce back from illness faster.  Exercise more and sleep better.
  3. SAY THANKS! Nothing more to say on that!
  4. DO FOR OTHERS. Reaching out and helping somebody can remind us of the good in the world!

Finding ways to relax thru reading, meditation, prayer music or whatever,”By just doing this for 10 minutes a day to turn off your brain, according to Dr. Ritter MD can dramatically combat the effects of chronic stress.”

Expressing yourself is huge!  Do not keep those negative feelings bottled up inside you!  Those feeling can flow out and into aches and pains, and a host of other problems that can lead to other problems!  Im not saying go yell at somebody or have a major breakdown and lashing out at the next person or thing that crosses your path, Im saying try talking to a trusted friend, partner, or religious adviser.  Even channeling thru meditation. This may be able to help you focus on positives and work through challenges.  Some people lay it out in a gratitude journal. I would love for you to look up essential oils and there frequencies, Its truly amazing what the power of essential oils can do. I also only trust Young Living essential oils because I know they are 100% pure the highest grade essential oil out there.

gratitude-essential-oil- image