Getting A Good Night’s Sleep the Young Living Way!!:

Its extremely important to get a good Nights sleep for so many reasons.  First your body and mind need the time to recharge.  You cannot function with a brain that has not had time to re-boot!  Your nervous system also takes a huge  toll. Your skin is not refreshed and it starts looking drawn. Every part of your body needs a restful night’s sleep.  We all know 8 hrs. are recommended  but that doesnt always happen.  If you could get 7 solid hours of sleep instead of unrestful brain- all- over- the- place 8 hrs, then 7 is better than that.  Even pushing it, 6.5hrs. solid sleep is better than waking up all night 8hrs.
Another helpful hint is listening to zen music or practicing meditation for sleep or meditation with deep breathing techniques. I listen to mine from youtube on my phone in bed.  I had a therapist that I was going to for anxiety (yes sleep escalates that too)helping me with meditation deep breathing techniques, and she told me to go to youtube and type in what I wanted.  She said if one doesnt work try another..there’s tons out there.  If you like one of them add it to your playlist and subscribe.
Also do not eat dinner and go to bed.  One, its not good for your digestion and two, you may fall asleep quickly but you do not stay asleep.  Im pretty guilty of that lately and I feel pretty aweful the next morning. (and it packs on the pounds).
A diffuser is also a great way to add the essential oils to the air around you.  When you add oils to a diffuser the oils are released into the air in tiny little particles.
Hope this helps!! You will find all the products listed above here….and more!