Dream Catcher Essential Oil
Enhances Your Goals and Dreams

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Dream Catcher Essential Oil is an interesting blend that protects from negative dreams. It will also help to unwind before bed especially when used with lavender.

Use Dream Catcher to enhance your dream state and help with visualization of our dreams and goals. If you would like to enhance meditation, visualization or manifestation of your goals, this will be a good oil to use. It will help you keep you mind open (and third eye), and release negative thoughts and dreams that might cloud your vision.Like Peace and Calming you will find that children are definitely drawn to Dream Catcher essential oil. They will love the smell and it will help them with occasional sleeplessness also.

Peace & Calming and Dream Catcher are definitely great natural remedies for sleep. Other oils that are supporting are Lavender  or Roman Chamomille look here under blends.http://katscorneressentiallysimple.com . Diffuse oils before going to bed to unwind the mind and body.

I like to use Dream Catcher interchangeably with Peace and Calming. If I want to enhance my dreaming or want to clarify some information in my dream state I definitely use Dream Catcher oil. In that case I place a little bit on my pillow and my forehead (third eye) and ask for the clarification I need before I go to sleep.

If you are having intense dreams, then probably something subconsciously is surfacing that you may need to process or release.

This blend has sandalwood, tangerine, Ylang Ylang, Black Pepper. Bergamot, Juniper,Anise, and Blue Tansy essential oils.  All of them are very positive uplifting and balancing!

Just a personal note.  This blend was recommended  for a dog we have that has some pretty bad nightmares.  I think its because she was taken from her mother way to young…  Anyway we diffuse this at night..  Her nightmares have gotten better and not as frequent. ( And less wet beds!)http://katscorneressentiallysimple.com