seed to seal


First of all this is my company and Im very proud of it! Did you know we received a A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau? And we were added in to the prestige  Direct Selling Association!

The best part?  I got results!  It got me very excited and I am always trying to learn more.   I had tried Oils before for fly spray to  lavender to calm my nerves.  Nothing happened and I even got headaches from lavender..Why ? They were not pure essential oils.  

I’ve done herbs for years, and still do.  In a nutshell my youngest daughter got very sick, I mean very sick!  I even had Child services at my door to take her away because she wasn’nt going to school.. A very long story.. but we went to every specialist around and tried to go to the Mayo Clinic but was denied.  Tried every drug ..Even mental therapy  Therapist said do you want something wrong? because if she keeps comming she”ll come up with something.  “There’s nothing wrong with her mentally” Finally desperate, I heard about this Ayurveda Doctor.  Completely licensed regular doctor who practices Ayurveda medicine which is the oldest practice of medicine dating back from the Chinese.  Guess what? Yep herbs, tinctures, crazy cleanses and alot of food changes worked.  Took a few years for her immune system to function  but it did.  

Years later.  Me.  I went in to Young Living Blind.  Had not had any results from  my health food oils or amazon oils but I was desperate….Thank God! So many changes.  But I also did my homework before I even started talking oils. (Notice I said talking not taking)

First, I learned about synthetics…I learned how a company can say they have 100% pure essential oils. (Yeah a drop, which makes it legal)   I learned about poor quality distillation..I’ve learned alot.

This is why this is important to me.  To maybe give 1 or 3 people education..  Its

so easy to be fooled . And you think because your buying in a Health Food store  or it says 100% natural its good…right?  Nope!  

Why I went with Young Living ….

First we have a Seed TO Seal Promise.

We have chemist

We have our own farms

We have rigorous testing from outside sources by our chemist and aromatherapist

We have been around for over 25 yrs!!!

Now! Do your own homework!!

Did you know there are is an actual Government site called Pub Med that you can look up and Essential Oils? Do You know they can say things I can’t say because there a Government site? fine by me.

Another one is Google Scholar.  

  Don’t you owe it to yourself to be educated on your health instead of believing marketing? I did and I am so happy I did. 

There is not one magical pill or herb or oil that will take care of all that ails you in life.  Emotionally or Physically..Just can’t be!  Combinations…absolutely can change your life and the life of a family member, good friend or pet! (Yes for me theres tons of pets as you have read)..  check these two public resourses out !  Pub Med is a Government site.  Essential Oils…Basil or whatever you want Basil is an example) in essential oil and…maybe lemon..  
Take control of your own choices.   Im here to help you any way I can.  that has become my goal if life…And I finally have one again.