DIY facial with Young Living Essential Oils!


Seriously you might know by now, how  much I love my DIY skin care masks treatments and serums .

Why DIY?

  1. You know exactly what you are getting in your homemade product.
  2. You save a ton of money!
  3. Most DIY’s especially with mask just plain work!  And if it doesn’t totally go as planned sometimes it takes just alittle tweaking.

I suggest beginning your facial by preparing a bowl of very hot water with a drop of lavender, and placing a clean wash cloth within the hot water. Carefully wring out the hot towel and place on face to open pores and relax you as you begin. Return the towel to the bowl of hot water and use to remove the cleansers from your face. You may also wish to use these same products on your hands and feet for DIY mani-pedis 

Yogurt-honey facial cleanser with geranium and orange!
1 cup full fat organic yogurt when dealing with your skin…we want all the full natural fat as possible
3 Tbs raw honey
5 drops Geranium Young Living Essential Oil (YLEO)
3 drops Orange YL
Combine in a large glass bowl. Massage small amount of cleanser on face in circular motion. Rinse with a clean, wet wash cloth. Store remaining cleanser in a sealed jar in the fridge for your next facial!

Cucumber-avocado oil-brown sugar scrub!
1 cucumber
1/3 cup avocado oil
Blend cucumber and avocado oil. Add brown sugar to desired consistency, about 2 cups.
Massage small amount of scrub in circular motion on face and rinse well with a wet cloth. Store remaining scrub in fridge for your next facial!

Aloe Vera Mask with geranium and lavender!
1/4 cup 100% aloe vera gel  don’t skimp here get real aloe vera gel
2 drops Geranium YLEO
2 drops Lavender YLEO
Combine and store in a glass jar. Massage small amount of mask onto cleansed and exfoliated skin. Leave on for 2-5 minutes. Optional: As you relax with the mask on, apply two slices of cucumber to your eyes. Note: as this mask activates and deeply penetrates your pores, you may feel a slight burning sensation. Once rinsed, it should go away. No need to keep this mask in the fridge, it is not perishable.

Toning EO Mist with Witch Hazel
1 oz witch hazel
1 oz purified water
5 drops Myrrh YLEO
5 drops Geranium YLEO
5 drops Lavender YLEO
Combine in a 2 oz glass spray bottle. Shake and mist on face for a refreshing toner. Also makes a great room spray 

Coconut-Shea Face Butter with YLEO
1/4 cup shea butter
1/4 cup coconut oil
4 drops each of lavender, myrrh, and geranium YLEO
Melt and combine shea and coconut oils. Allow to cool and whip (I used a fork for this small amount and not an electric mixer.) Mix in essential oils. No need to keep this in the fridge, it is not perishable. Store in a closed glass jar.
Massage a small amount onto face at the end of your DIY EO facial!
Enjoy your new glowing skin!

The only real cost here is if you do not have the Young Living essential oils .

Easy fix!  Get some of your people together and spit the cost!  You would all have enough oils to make these luxury treats a few times!

Dont  really want to pay retail?   Then get started with a Premium Starter Kit!  It already comes with lavender and frankincense  to major skin loving ingredients

Just use the Premium starter kit link  Then you now enjoy the benefits of a wholesale membership, optional essential rewards to earn free products and so much more!

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Kathryn Yateman

Feb 19th 2019