First, I am not a doctor or anything close to it.  I am only showing you studies and information on Essential Oils that have been used in studies and clinical settings with very positive results so you have options in your life other than just perscription drugs with alarming possible side effects.  After reading some of these finds you will see there is an alarming rate of anxiety and depression with the numbers rising.These studies were also done with high quality 100% pure essential oils only.  This is  a very important subject to me so I will probably share alot on this topic.  Did you know that Anxiety disorders occur twice as often as depression, affecting 40 million Americans.  Women are twice as likely as men to suffer from anxiety.  I wonder if because of dealing with anxiety issues daily  that depression sets in .  Many therapist are now using essential oils to help there patients with anxiety/depression issues.

Depression affects 18.8 million American adults in a given year (national Institute of Mental Health).  According to the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, anxiety disorders cost the U.S. more than $42 billion a year, nearly one-third of the $148 billion total mental health bill for the United States

(Anxiety Disorders Association of America).  

Unfortunately, only 30% of people who are depressed go into full remission after taking their first course of antidepressants.  Also, the side effects of antidepressants include suicide,violence,psychosis,abnormal bleeding, and brain tumors.  With the exception of Prozac, antidepressants for children are banned in Britain because of dangerous side effects.

In fact, the British Medical Journal reported recently that they found no scientific evidence that SSRI antidepressants (such as Prozac, Paxil, or Zoloft) work for anyone under the age of 18.Summary points for the clinical review warned, “Adverse events have been downplayed”, and, “Antidepressant drugs cannot confidently be recommended as a treatment option for childhood depression”.  


With almost 60 million Americans adults facing depression and anxiety disorders, some scientists have looked to Ancient remedies for help. Many therapist are now using essential oils in there every day treatment.    

For this Article these are some of the essential oils listed for both anxiety and depression.After reading this post please go to my website look under menu then oils and blends.

LAVENDER:  Often called the “swiss army knife” of essential oils, lavender has been studied for relieving anxiety more than any other oil!  It is totally safe for all ages!   It also can induce a state of relaxation and regeneration, alleviate anxiety, and has a calming effect on the central nervous system while reducing blood pressure. A Korean study explored the effect of lavender fragrance on sleep and depression in female college students.  Study showed that lavender essential oil (in a carrier oi) “had a beneficial effect on insomnia and depression in women”. Another study using a lavender,marjoram,eucalyptus, rosemary and peppermint blend on arthritis patients showed that “aromatherapy has a major effect on decreasing pain and depression levels.

ORANGE:  Two studies documented the anxiety-reducing effect of orange oil in one high stress site:  dental offices.  A Brazilian study also showed the anti-anxiety and sedative properties of orange essential oil.

LEMON:  In addition to its significant antidepressant activity, lemon oil has impressive effects on the circuits in the brain that regulate anxiety. Also this fragrant citrus oil has been shown to restore balance following stressful incidents.  A study conducted a the Mie University School of Medicine in Japan concluded that treatment with citrus fragrance “”was rather more effective that antidepressants.”  

MELISSA/VALERIAN:  Flavonoids found in Valerian oil were shown to have anti-anxiety properties.  A combination of Melissa and Valerian extracts clearly showed anti-anxiety relief in volunteers taking a laboratory-induced stress test.  

PATCHOULI:  A Japanese study discovered that inhaling patchouli essential oil has a significant effect on the sympathetic nervous system.  This system operates without conscious thought, as in the “fight or flight” response to stress.

ROSE:  Three studies documented the anti-anxiety and anti-conflict effect of rose essential oil.

ROMAN CHAMOMILE:  When used in massage, it caused a significant reduction in anxiety in cancer patients in a British study.

BLUE TANSY &GERMAN CHAMOMILE:  The blue hue of both of these essential oils comes from the constituent chamzulene, which has been shown to be a muscle relaxant in animal studies.  A USDA review of German chamomile discussed the flavonoids shown to have anti-anxiety effects.

YLANG YLANG: No one with anxiety disorders should be without this essential oil.  A Planta Medica study found that inhalation of ylang ylang was “harmonizing”  and it caused a decrease in blood pressure and pulse rate, while it increased attentiveness and alertness. A new study in Phyotherapy Research found that volunteers who applied ylang ylang essential oi to the skin were more calm and relaxed than those in a control group.  Researchers said that ylang ylang used in aromatherapy caused  “a relief of depression and stress “.  

BERGAMOT:  Several studies have investigated the effectiveness of bergamot as an antidepressant, The Vogley study also discussed a woman who had been hospitalized for depression and wanted to discontinue taking an antidepressant drug.  But she was experiencing anxiety that caused difficulty with sleep.  After sleeping with a cotton ball in her pillow that had several drops of bergamot essential oil on it, she remarked it was the best night’s sleep she’d had since going off the anti-depressant drug.

This is just the list of the oils they used in these studies. And they are the most common ones.  There are so many more.  And what works for one person may not work for another.

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