Hi There

So this is for all of you people that started reading my previous blogs and are wondering.

  1.  Why there is a big “oops” on my previous articles.

Why do some of these that Im posting now look familiar?

I changed Web service after many months of frustration.  When I did that I was blocked out of my previous web service and lost most of my images and videos but was able to salvage some of my blogs to a file (Not All).  So now I am getting them all over here to Kat’s corner.  Im really excited about this web service and still have some work to do. So If you have allready read these…SHARE THEM!!  I am going to try to get these up quickly.. I hope all of the new people seeing these for the first time keep reading.  I love this Web services and I have no plans of changing again.  Life is a learning process….Im learning!

Changes for 2016!

Changes for 2016!