Feb.18th 2017   http://katscorneressentiallysimple.com/carrier-oils-no-idea-existed/

I thought I had a bunch of awesome  carrier oils listed but this girl takes the cake!  I make tons of my own products and serums that go way beyond coconut oil (yes its awesome). But carrier oils are just as important as the essential oils you put with them!  You want pure,unadulterated, organic and the best quality you can get from both!  Thats why I use Young Living essential oils only, and really try to do my research on my carrier oils!  Carrier oils have there special gifts also.  Healing,cell regenerating, collagen producing and even acne fighting and more! I absolutely got just as excited discovering her carriers as I do making that special blend.  Time to move past coconut oil for everything!   Im really excited to open many new doors for all of you. I do know that I have a few posted that are not on her list so that gives you all even more choices and options for the best skin ever!  Im very thankful for her hard work…And I absolutely told her so!

I would love to help you find the essential oils you need to start a better no chemicals approach to your daily skin and body care!  Since Ive made the switch  my over 50 skin looks better than my over 40 skin!!!

use the contact me page so we can set you up on the right options together! Or jump in and order your oil kit now on my home page!  http://katscorneressentiallysimple.com

The Complete List of Comedogenic Oils