Calming your life!!

Emotional imbalance, depression, loss of hope, physical issues…Yes first there is natural help and Yes physical issues can be related to your mental and emotional issues And the roller coaster begins! We actually store stress in our muscles .A lot of times in your back!  But did you know we store anger in our liver?  And the liver does what?  Filter!  

Essential oils have a frequency an energy They also can go to every cell of your body in 2 minutes!! Crazy!  Also the smell factor.  When you inhale an oil its an immediate response.  Like going to grandmas after a bunch of years and she’s cooking something that brings you immediately back to happy childhood memories .That”s immediately . For  me, its the smell of lemon blossom…instantly calm and happy.

Sleep.  It effects your total mind and body health..  Essential oils can help with that also!  Young Living has so many for relaxation, general sleep, even dreams.  No sleep means poor function!  Poor function means mental and physical problems start to take effect. Then the lack of sleep really starts taking its toll on your organs. .All of them!

There’s also essential oils that actually have compounds that can actually improve your health,. Improving your health actually improves your mood! Improving your mood improves your sleep!  Improving all of these improves your entire body!

There are so many ways essential oils can help you! I have to tell you about our wellness line. I am always amazed at our supplements and how and why they put them together..   Like MultiGreens. Its amazing plain  and simple.! Young Living  put Melissa in it! Melissa is a essential oil that can help with nervous disorders and dealing with the heart or the emotions.  Huh!  This is why this is in our daily Multi Greens!! Who would have thought that  a greens supplement would have a vital oil in it for emotions.  But think about it.. when you are stressed or overwrought you deplete vital nutrients quickly So lets add Melissa essential oil to keep your nervous system in balance, which is allowing you to absorb the nutrients you need from your greens supplement !  Brilliant!

 I guess where Im going with this is I tried prescription drugs, I tried counseling(which was good), I tried “natural remedies” I tried Health food oils and I tried only herbs.

 Your health is a balance.  There is not one magic cure or one essential oil that will solve everything.  Its a balance!  I think the prescription drugs were actually aggravating the conditions that I was trying to solve. Young Living Essential Oils and supplements worked for me. In such a huge way…. Our supplements are such a fantastic blend of essential oils and  amazing natural grown sources.  I have not ever gotten these types of results from other “essential oils” or “herbs”. Again the difference is in the source. I fully trust all of Young Livings essential oils and supplements because they have a full Seed to Seal Process on all of there oils and you know there going to run all of there herbs and natural substances thru the same standards. Please know  you can also have negative effects from adulterated oils…And you really have no idea how many companies that say they have pure therapeutic oils are not exactly that!  I feel great and very happy that I actually found this company.  I do not think I would be telling the same story if I hadn’t.

If you would like to talk more email me kat@katscorneressentiallysimple.   I am trying to make this quick and to the point!And to show you hope! But I am always available to help!